February 18, 2011


To put a long story short:
1] My life felt monotonous.
2] God put a burden on my heart.
3] God asked me to make some changes.
4] I have and still am making changes.
5] God has been opening many doors.
6] I chose one.
7] I am going to Swaziland!

This summer MVNU is taking a group, along with a group from SNU, to Swaziland! We will be there from May 22-June 7.While there we will be:
·Visiting AIDS patients and delivering meals with Swazi Hospice workers
·Visiting schools and putting on assemblies
·Traveling to rural areas working with doctors and nurses in clinic settings and distributing clothing and other personal items
·Serving at a local hospital on the grounds where we will be staying assembling wheel chairs and administering HIV/AIDS tests

I'm so incredibly excited for this opportunity and for the ways in which God will work through and in each of us. So, please keep us in your prayers! They will be much appreciated :)