September 27, 2012

{life} lately.

this right here...completely taking over my life.

beautiful fall days.

apple cider. mmm.

September 14, 2012

it's the weekend! know what that means, right?!

more time to study!

in case you didn't know, i'm currently working on my master's in physician assistant studies to hopefully become a physician assistant in a couple years. let me tell you, school is TOUGH. i feel like i'm studying 24/7 minus the sleeping and eating part of it. oh, and the blogging part, of course. anyway, here is just a little more about what PA school is like...

you know you're in PA school:

+when you get mad at yourself for sleeping in until 7:30am.
+when eating and sleeping feel like a waste of precious study time.
+when everything becomes a learning issue.
(our curriculum includes a class called problem based learning, where we are presented a case and have to work through it on our own. anything we don't know becomes a learning issue that we have to go back and research)
+when weekends are no longer relevant and/or existent.
+when you learn about anal winks.
+when the term "bear down" becomes totally medically relevant.
+when you spend more time on campus than you do in your own apartment.
+when it hurts to even think.
+when it's completely ok to make coffee at 10pm.
+when palpating your classmate is completely normal.
+when medical terminology becomes your only terminology.
+when looking at dissected cadavers is a normal occurrence.
+when Facebook is your only outlet to "the outside."
+when knowledge extractions in PBL are your idea of fun.
+when the only time you use your phone is to calculate drug doses on epocrates.
+when the question "what is your rationale for that?" becomes the worst question on the earth.

so yea, that's a little about PA school, AKA my life right now. now back to drinking coffee and studying learning issues!