November 23, 2013


Well since I've last posted I have gotten to observe a few more c-sections and even FIRST ASSIST during one! I really think I'm going to like my surgery rotations, but we'll see! I've also gotten to see a few vaginal deliveries. I must say, they look so very painful, but it's amazing witnessing little babies come into the world and taking their first breaths! They are just so cute. I love seeing all the babies in the nursery when I get to the hospital for rounds. I never get to hold them, which is fine because I always seem to make babies cry for some reason! haha. But yesterday I watched a circumcision and it was one of the most pitiful things I've ever seen. They strapped his arms and legs down, and he just lied there crying while the doc did the procedure. He didn't even give the poor thing any anesthesia. It was so sad.

Um...That's pretty much all that is new to be honest. I don't get to do a lot, but slowly the doc is letting me participate more. In the c-section I assisted in, I got to suction, retract, and cut sutures. Hopefully I'll get to do some more and take histories and do pelvics and cultures myself.

This is one of those rotations where I've probably gotten the most frustrated with my preceptor. There is something about the way he talks to patients that almost comes off as condescending or judgmental, whether he's aware of it or not. And he complains ALL THE TIME. Yesterday he called me his soundboard, or something like that (someone for him to vent to), and I straight up told him I don't want to be his soundboard, so hopefully he'll quiet down a bit! haha. His problems are not my problems. But I guess everyone has their flaws and you just gotta deal with it. He is a great teacher, though, and  I feel like I'm learning a lot about OB/GYN.

Only two works days left until a much needed Thanksgiving Break! Looking forward to seeing my family and stuffing my face with turkey and pumpkin pie!

November 12, 2013

first week in KY!

Well last week was my first week of women's health in eastern KY...It was probably one of my worst weeks throughout my entire clinical year so far. All I will say is that I was not a fan of my substitute preceptor and it just was not a very fruitful week at all.

Today was my first day with my actual preceptor and it was great! Mainly because I got to head into the OR for the first time and watch a c-section! It was awesome. The baby was ginormous but had a full head of hair! It was great. And my preceptor asked the students questions while performing a tubal ligation, which was just great. He used to teach, so the whole day he was asking me tons of questions. This is something I haven't really had with my other preceptors, so I'm really looking forward to all I'm going to learn.

Eastern KY really hasn't been as "out of this world" as I imagined. People are very friendly. They do have very strong accents, but otherwise they are completely normal! Haha. So far I really like the nurses and other people working at the clinic. Um...There is not much to do around here, which I guess means more time for studying. It snowed for the first time today! Which was kind of painful waking up to because I hate warming up my car and cleaning off the snow and driving when its wet and cold...But snow makes everything look pretty so that's nice! It does also make me really excited for Christmas! I've been listening to Christmas music for a couple weeks already. Now my goal is to find myself a really small pitiful Christmas tree to decorate.

Tomorrow I have to get up and make the 40 minute drive to work. Ill be starting with rounds at the hospital and then head over to the clinic. I don't know if my preceptor has any more surgeries this week, but I REALLY hope so! I think I'm going to enjoy my surgery rotations next year!

Um...That is really about all I have to say for now. So hopefully the next time I write I'll have a ton more interesting and cool things to share! Oh, and I forgot to mention that, although there aren't any other Asians in eastern KY that I've seen yet, there are several people that are originally from Ohio in my office alone! So I'm not completely alone! Yay!