September 25, 2013

Psych: coming to an end

Sorry for my lack of updating! Honestly, not much has changed since I last wrote. I will admit that I don't hate psych as much as I did before! So that's progress. But it doesn't matter now because tomorrow is my last day and I must say that I am actually pumped to get back down to Pitt. Rotation #4, here I come! I will be down working in the Children's hospital emergency department, so it should be an interesting rotation for a couple reasons: 1) first emergency med rotation; 2) I'll be working with several other students; 3) I don't know much about peds; and 4) I don't like peds that much. Bet that last one surprised you, considering the family I come from :)

So yea. That's pretty much it. I'm only really writing because I'm putting off remediations, but I guess I should just finish them.  So wish me luck! Hopefully I'll have lots of funny stories to share!

September 6, 2013

Psych update #2

Well, I’m now 2 weeks into my psych rotation. Not a lot has really changed. I’ve been observing a lot of med checks/evals and writing and dictating my notes. I did, though, start my in-patient rounds at the hospital on Monday.  There is a guy there now who is schizo and thinks that there is bad stuff in his body. So, to deal with this, he’s been eating inedible objects like coins, lighters, paper, etc because he thinks by doing this the bad stuff will come out. There’s also a woman that has grandiose delusions and thinks that she used to be really rich but had all her money stolen, used to write plays, be really accomplished, sell insurance annuities, know famous people, etc. The sad thing is that she doesn’t think that anything is wrong with her. It’s amazing sometimes how the mind plays tricks. Other than these patients, I haven’t seen anything too crazy. Mostly because the patients I do see are already medicated and fairly stable.

I will say that even though things haven’t been too exciting, things have been pretty stressed at the office. There have been some serious things going on that I can’t talk about, and that has really changed the mood and tempo. Getting very backed up on some days, and a lot of people are cancelling or not showing up. Hopefully this slum doesn’t carry over into next week…

Only 3 more weeks to go! Then I’m off to Pitt for rotation #4. Originally I was supposed to be in Mount Vernon for my peds rotation, but it got cancelled. So now I will be at Children’s Hospital emergency department. It’ll be interesting how that goes. Even though I have a lot of kids in my family, I’m really not interested in working with them haha. We’ll see.

That’s pretty much it for now! Hopefully next time I’ll have more interesting things to talk about!

P.S. Still don't like psych that much.