January 23, 2012

happy Monday!

As I mentioned before, I had an interview for Chatham University's PA program on Saturday. I think it went well! But there were a lot of qualified applicant there...They interviewed over 200 altogether and are only accepting 80-90, so we'll see! I should have an answer by the end of the month...

I loved the program and the way the curriculum is set up. It's all self-directed learning with a lot of problem based learning (PBL). It's definitely different with me coming from a lecture background, but I think it will be a good challenge and a way to begin thinking clinically.

The campus is great. Chatham is very small and set up much like MVNU, with the campus being clustered all together. But the awesome thing is that it's right in Pittsburgh and so there's no way you can ever be bored! I got to go around the city a bit and I absolutely loved it! It's incredible even in the winter, so I can't imagine how it is during the warmer seasons. I really think I would LOVE living there.

So yea, overall a really great experience! Now just looking to hear back from the school!

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January 20, 2012

grad school

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In a few hours I'm Pittsburgh bound for a grad school interview into Chatham University's Physician Assistant program! This year they're bringing back the interview phase because the applicant pool is really competitive. This makes me really excited and hopeful, but at the same time I'm soooo nervous!

The entire visit will take place between 8am and 12pm, so if you get a chance, just send up a quick prayer that everything goes smoothly!

So thankful for this opportunity and how God has worked it out so well! Hopefully His plan is for me to get accepted, but we'll see!