July 18, 2012


For the past couple weeks I've been slowly packing away my life into boxes...getting ready for the big move to Pittsburgh. That's less than 3 days away. YIKES!

I'll be honest...I'm a bit nervous. Although this college experience probably won't be so different than the last...I'll now have to cook my own meals and drive myself to class everyday. Can't believe I'm grown up now. Ha. But in all seriousness...I am nervous about school. Meeting new people, tough curriculum. Really hope I can break back into college mode quickly.

But even with all the nervousness, mostly I'm just super excited. I'm moving to the city. Festivals, local coffee shops, farmers' markets, diversity...tons to do (which is good, but also kind of bad). I'm looking forward to everything I'm going to see and experience. I have a week after I move to explore before classes start and I'm pumped. And I can't wait to take some pictures.

I'm ready for a fresh start. New school. New city. New people. New home. New me. Well, a modified version of me. I'm ready for a fresh start and all that I'm going to experience and learn while being semi-independent. I'm sure It'll be challenging at times or most of the time or all the time...But I'm ready. I'm ready to unpack my boxes and my life in Pittsburgh and see what all is in store for me.