August 30, 2013

ok, psych.

So on Monday I started my psych rotation in New Castle, PA. The first part of the day consisted of getting badges made and getting my drug screen. Then I observed my preceptor as she did her psych evals and med checks. Honestly, it was not a very interesting first day. Maybe because it really was just a boring day, or maybe because I really don't like psych that much right now. Time will tell, I guess.

On Tuesday I observed still some more. Although this day was more interesting than the first because we had a fellow referred over to crisis because he was having homicidal thoughts/plans. He ended up getting angry with the crisis guy and walked out of the office. Eventually the cops were involved and the fellow was taken over to the hospital. That was my first patient of the day. From there I observed and took notes, then wrote up my notes, and then dictated my notes. I was a bit nervous dictating on the phone for the first time, but it got easier each time I did it.

There is another student with me, so that means, for the first time, I have to share my preceptor. But anyway, she is very nice and we get along well so far. My preceptor is very nice and I like her a lot. Although I am a bit disappointed she has not asked more questions about psych conditions and medications. Maybe all that comes a little later.

The rest of the week I am off because my preceptor won't be in the office. Kind of nice because it's extra time I have to get homework/reading done. Except, I have done a very minimal amount of that, so it really hasn't been all to productive. I did, however, go to a Mumford & Sons concert last night! And let me tell you, it was absolutely phenomenal. It was at an outdoor venue, and completely packed. All kinds of different people showed up for this thing. And the band was amazing. They sound even better live than they do on their records, which says a lot. True talent.

Right now I'm in the library because I don't get wifi in my apartment. I absolutely hate the library for anyone who didn't know already. It's just a weird place and way to quiet for me. But it'll have to do for this rotation I guess. Oh, and I forgot to mention that I have two roommates. They are female PT students doing their rotations at the hospital. Both are very nice! But it's kind of an inconvenience because I'm currently sleeping on a pull out bed in our very tiny apartment. Again, it will do for now. At least it's free:)

That's pretty much all there is to say for now...Wish me luck as I try to conquer this psych stuff!

MUMFORD @ First Niagara Pavilion

August 23, 2013

back from Alaska!

So I just got home from Alaska on Sunday. I had the time of my life and loved every second of my time there! I absolutely loved working at the Urgent Care and learning from my preceptors, who were both eager to teach and help you out in any way. The staff there was also one of a kind, and I was so surprised by how welcoming each and every one of them were. The camaraderie I experienced there was some of best and I will really miss working with such amazing individuals.

Juneau was also a huge eye opener for me in terms of health care access. Even though Juneau is the capital of Alaska, it is not big at all and there are limited health care services available there. There is 1 hospital, and this hospital is only a level 4 trauma center. The emergency department has only 1 doc for each shift, and 60-100 people are seen there each day. All major cases have to be flown out to Anchorage, Seattle, or somewhere else that offers the appropriate services. Additionally, specialists only come into the city every so often, so when they do come into town, there is a long wait time and they are always completely booked. To compensate for all this, there are the PCPs. They manage a TON of stuff. It just goes to show how much need there is for primary care services in order to reach all the residents and tourists alike.

The weather in Juneau was fantastic and some of the best they've had in awhile, so I got very lucky! It didn't get dark until almost 10:30-11 PM, so I was able to do A LOT of stuff while I was there! I was also lucky to have some really good friends to share in all the fun with :) They truly became like family to me and I will really miss spending time with them all. Lots of late nights, fun times, laughter, and good conversation. Can't ask for much more than that!

A lot of firsts took place in Juneau, and I wouldn't change any of those experiences! First time in Alaska, boating, seeing bears and eagles, suturing, draining abscesses, eating king crab, standing in the Pacific ocean, standing on top of a glacier, drinking fresh water straight from a stream, and so many others. Love that I got to experience so much!

Things I will miss the most about Juneau:
-mountains in every direction
-amazing sunsets
-the smell of the sea
-working in the clinic
-walking around downtown
-my Puerto Rican family
-Front Street Clinic
-Sunshine Lattes from Heritage Coffee
-pretty much everything :)

The one thing that will not be missed: the prices!

Loved Alaska so much and hopefully I'll get to go back someday. But for now, my psych rotation in New Castle, PA awaits me. 2 rotations down, 7 to go! Bring on the new adventures!