January 30, 2014

Emergency medicine = sleep deprivation

Not a whole lot to update on right now. I have gotten to sew a few things up and have been complimented on my steady hand and sutures, so that's always nice. I was actually kind of nervous to do some suturing, as I hadn't done any since August, but I was obviously happy and eager to do it.

Nothing too exciting has really happened in the last week-ish. Couple STEMIs, broken bones, a-fib, drug-seekers. Saw a woman the other day with an H&H (hemoglobin/hematocrit) of like 6.8 and 20 something, so she obviously needed transfused. Saw a woman come in with abdominal/rectal pain, which her OB/GYN blew off as constipation and "the baby growing". The baby was growing, only inside her fallopian tube. It turns out she had an ectopic pregnancy and was bleeding into her abdomen. Um, I've seen a couple UTIs, a quadricep tendon rupture, and just a lot of nonspecific things like dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, weakness, etc.

On Monday and Tuesday I worked overnight. Wasn't too exciting, especially on Tuesday, which was a  very, very slow and long night. Overnights always mess my sleep up. I think I went like 30 hours without sleep, then got like 1-1/2hrs of sleep after my first overnight shift, then was up for another 15 hours for my second overnight shift. Then I went home and slept for like 8 hours straight and was up until like 4AM this morning before getting up at 7. And I always forget the day of the week, which screws me up even more.

Working again tonight from 4pm-12, and then tomorrow I think from 7am-3. Hoping to go home this weekend and see family before my last week in the ER and starting my surgery rotation the week after. I think I'll miss the emergency room, especially this one because I really like the people who work there, but I am very excited for surgery! Will obviously update again if anything exciting happens, but this may be my last ER post!

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